How to avoid vehicle accident

vehicle accident
A little vehicle accident can be lost a or more life forever, with a personal injury. When we are forget the slowly car drive on a high way road, then a vehicle accident is our front and more dangerous than bike accident or truck accident ! We also face a serious car accident after crash. Although, traffic rule is very hard but a few driver forget this, when they are during the drink or others causes. A car accident happen between two or more vehicle on road. 
How to avoid car accident: at first check the car engine and fuel with water and car performance. Then test the car break for avoid a must accident. Tied to himself with seat by safety belt before starting the car. Strongly close the all windows and lock without key. Follow the traffic signal and speed. all road not allowed the same speed for same car. Don't the crossing car without safety place and green signal. Keep all car insurance and driving licence documents with car.