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How to safe you from cruise ship accident

cruise accident
Cruise accident.
Learn how to safe himself from a must upcoming cruise ship accident, if you are a passenger of this. most of cruise accident happen by crash with other ship or cruise. If this happen, keep a life guard or life jacket for avoid upcoming dangerous accident as sink the cruise in a sea or river. Any swimming expert also happy and better than other passenger of affected cruise ship. At first keep in mind, you must try to exit from inner side to outside and through to water, keep life jacket and other life saver material during cruise accident. So, please make sure about your life is safe from any accident before cruise trip. S7JUAYK43RCE

Train accident after crash with car

Train accident los angles
Train accident.
Train accident is another dangerous accident. most of train accident happen after the derails or crash with car and truck. If crash with car then most of time, vehicles passenger dies or serious injury than train passenger. but accident after derails, then happen a serious accident and more dangerous from previews accident. as a results, most of passenger become the personal injury and some other also die. passenger not to be able to avoid injury, if train is get to must accident by derails. rails crossing point is one of the main causes for train accident, when a train try to cross a line.

Car accident after crash with auto motor vehicle

Car crash accident
Car crash accident in city.
Car crash accident on road is available, if you speed up your car without green signal from traffic police. A car accident research reports say's, many of accident happen by wrongly follow up traffic signal and avoid traffic rules. A auto motor vehicle public car or private car brings accident every day. Widely road is very dangerous than small wide road for car accident. when road authority try to avoid traffic accident, then some mad driver avoid traffic signal. as a results, all passenger is doorway of car accident is. Break failed is a bigger causes for accident, although some driver has not expert about auto car problem and instant solution. following the traffic rule, we can avoid most of car crash accident.

How to avoid vehicle accident

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vehicle accident
A little vehicle accident can be lost a or more life forever, with a personal injury. When we are forget the slowly car drive on a high way road, then a vehicle accident is our front and more dangerous than bike accident or truck accident ! We also face a serious car accident after crash. Although, traffic rule is very hard but a few driver forget this, when they are during the drink or others causes. A car accident happen between two or more vehicle on road. 
How to avoid car accident: at first check the car engine and fuel with water and car performance. Then test the car break for avoid a must accident. Tied to himself with seat by safety belt before starting the car. Strongly close the all windows and lock without key. Follow the traffic signal and speed. all road not allowed the same speed for same car. Don't the crossing car without safety place and green signal. Keep all car insurance and driving licence documents with car.